Review: Interior Design Service

Approximate Cost: $400,000
Description Of Work:
Todd and Team Heino just completed an 18 month project that involved intense negotiations with the town building department, demolishing a 1,500 sq. ft. part of our old home, re-routing all of our utilities, and the construction of new 1,600 sq. ft. two-story addition (with full basement). Todd also handled the design and structural approval work for the new addition.

The job went about as well as basically rebuilding most of your home can. Todd was always available to discuss the project, and we met with him on a regular basis at the beginning. The work on the addition itself went fast (only 9 months). Over the years Todd has accumulated a great group of sub-contractors (plumbing, electrical, excavation, HVAC, etc.), and he and they did a very professional job. Todd is the best contractor I have ever worked with. The only problem is that his reputation is getting out and he has more offers of work than he can take.